How much does an EAP cost?
(EAP) Employee Assistance Program Overview and Pricing

A Modern

Access to 24/7 counselling at your fingertips. Face to face therapy sessions included in your employee assistance programme.

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On-demand Hypnotherapy

Over 40 different hypnotherapy sessions to help with life improvements, addiction, health issues, fears and phobias.

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Personalised News Resource

Up-to-date personalised news and content delivered straight to your device based upon your preferences.

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Perks and

Save money on daily essentials, insurances, days out and key life events. £1000’s worth of savings. Included in the Wellness package.

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The Wellness Package - from £3.50 per person

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EAP - Employee Assistance Transparent Pricing

There are no hidden charges. Our Wellness Package has everything your employee will need at their fingertips.

We like to keep things simple,
one package, one price and no hidden extras.



per head, per month +VAT



per head, per month +VAT



per head, per month +VAT



per head, per month +VAT



per head, per month +VAT



per head, per month +VAT

What the wellness package included...

With our Wellness package, not only do you get a world-class leading EAP product for your employees supported by our partners at TELUS Health formerly LifeWorks, but More To Me is the only provider to offer Hypnotherapy as part of its package.

Why is this a great idea? Because it gives people the choice and ability to help themselves, at their own pace and in the safe environment of their own home, whilst showing that YOU care and acknowledge that not everyone wishes to share a problem.

How will the company benefit?

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