Employee Assistance Programme - Therapies

Support for Work and Life Issues

What affects your team outside of work can affect them in it, it’s inevitable. For this reason, our EAP’s reach is intended to extend beyond the workplace. We have made it an indispensable tool for financial and legal matters, childcare, eldercare, emotional and practical everyday support and much more.

We're one big family

Issues your employee may face outside of the home can sometimes be caused by a spouse or child, this is why our EAP reached beyond your employee, it can be used by the direct family too.

EAP - Therapy Types

Face to face therapy

Online, Chat & Phone Support

Sometimes your employee may need to discuss their difficulties face to face, with More To Me they can access six face to face therapy sessions (per condition)

Help is never more than a few clicks away, and with access to online, chat and phone support, your employees can seek the professionally assistance they need quickly and effectively.

On-Demand Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a incredible powerful and safe tool that has been proven to help with stress, anxiety, phobias and health related problems.

More To Me has over 40 hours of pre-recorded hypnotherapy session designed to help your employee overcome obstacles in the comfort of their own home.

Hypnotherapy is recommended by the NHS

Here are a few examples of how an Employee Assistance Programme can help your staff:

✓ Stress
✓ Depression and anxiety
✓ Substance abuse, or concern about someone else’s
✓ Addictions, including gambling
✓ Domestic abuse
✓ Grief and loss
✓ Critical incidents
✓ Trauma

✓ Budgeting
✓ Investments
✓ Retirement planning
✓ Managing loans and mortgages
✓ Managing debt
✓ Tax issues
✓ Financial concerns

✓ Workplace stress
✓ Workplace conflict
✓ Job burnout
✓ Coping with change
✓ Career development
✓ General work-related issues

✓ Relationship issues
✓ Separation and divorce
✓ Childcare and parenting issues
✓ Adoption
✓ Eldercare/care giving issues
✓ Relatives with disabilities
✓ Education concerns and student life

Our team of experts are here to help with whatever life throws at you.

Digital well-being content that delivers results

Your employees can choose how they receive a wide range of well-being content personalised to their requirements. This content includes not only the more expected videos and articles but also podcasts, online toolkits, and infographics.

The functionality available to your staff includes:

  • Recommendations taking account of their particular health risks;
  • Full search capabilities that help users to find exactly the advice they need.
EAP - Mobile App Therapy

The results speak for themselves…

It has been found that 62% of EAP users reported improvement in productivity at work, while 94% of people reach their goals after completing therapy.

EAP Therapy Results

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