What is an Employee Assistance Programme?

More To Me proactively support your employee with our modern (EAP) Employee Assistance Programme

With an Employee Assistance Programme from More To Me, we can help to support your staff’s well-being.

We supply health and well-being content and are on standby when they need us.

This puts your staff in a position to take on any challenges they face – both in and out of work.

What is an Employee Assistance Programme?

An Employee Assistance Programme is an employer-enacted platform which helps employees to overcome personal issues. Issues, whether inside or outside work can have an adverse impact on their health, well-being or work performance. 

It’s worth noting, not all EAPs offer exactly the same services. As the employer you should choose your workplace’s EAP carefully. 

More To Me offers an Employee Assistance Programme with a difference, we enable users to instantly access an EAP counsellor as and when they need to. We also provide news and content related to your employees’ preferences. 

Your employee may need support on how to better handle stress at work, or, is at leisure to consume well-being information and advice at their own pace, an EAP can come to the rescue. All the while, your employee gets confidential help they need.

A world-class EAP, available 24/7 Specialist counselling at your fingertips via phone, app or website

You can never tell what life is about to throw at you. At any time a member of your team may need support from an expert in psychology, human services, social work or financial advice. 

For this reason, it’s best practice to enable your employees to tap into a wide range of expertise from hundreds of trained professionals. 

The counsellors (Masters-educated) and affiliates in our network can guide your staff through challenges capable of arising at any stage of life or career.  From training and education to thriving in the job, to planning their retirement, your personnel need never be far away from a helping hand.

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Here are a few examples of how an Employee Assistance Programme can help your staff:

✓ Stress
✓ Depression and anxiety
✓ Substance abuse, or concern about someone else’s
✓ Addictions, including gambling
✓ Domestic abuse
✓ Grief and loss
✓ Critical incidents
✓ Trauma

✓ Budgeting
✓ Investments
✓ Retirement planning
✓ Managing loans and mortgages
✓ Managing debt
✓ Tax issues
✓ Financial concerns

✓ Workplace stress
✓ Workplace conflict
✓ Job burnout
✓ Coping with change
✓ Career development
✓ General work-related issues

✓ Relationship issues
✓ Separation and divorce
✓ Childcare and parenting issues
✓ Adoption
✓ Eldercare/care giving issues
✓ Relatives with disabilities
✓ Education concerns and student life

Our team of experts are here to help with whatever life throws at you.

Support for Work and Life Issues

What affects your employees outside the workplace can affect them in it, too; it’s inevitable. For this reason, the More to Me EAP reach is intended to extend far beyond the workplace. For those who use the EAP, they know it is an indispensable tool for financial and legal matters, childcare, eldercare, emotional and practical everyday support and much more.

Research shows, if you employee is faced with any of the above problems, issues boil over into the workplace, it can manifest itself as aggression and conflict. You might also be concerned about how your employees cope with layoffs or a management shakeup. These are all issues where our EAP can help to smooth things out.

EAP - Therapy Types

Multiple counselling types/modalities

Research has found that 62% of EAP users reported improvement in productivity at work, while an astonishing 94% of people reach their goals after completing counselling with TELUS Health.

There are various ways your staff can immediately access counsellors through the Employee Assistance Programme from More To Me. If your staff need immediate assistance, we offer, as standard, confidential and secure counselling support via video and telephone.

Our EAP also provides users with referrals for face-to-face, in-person counselling sessions. It’s all possible through our 24/7 Care Access Centre.

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We provide a unified well-being platform

Multiple logins and fragmented technology will disengage your team, therefore, our mobile and web-based platform gives your team multiple reasons to come back to one unified platform that puts people at its heart.

Results of engaging with our EAP

Business days

Just 5 business days from initial contact to an appointment being set up

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reduced their absenteeism after receiving counselling

0 hrs

appointments offered within 24 hours for urgent cases

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of healthcare prevention calls do not affect medical insurance

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