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Introducing Hypnotherapy with a Modern Employee Assistance Programme

Hypnosis adjusts your perception of reality to allow you to change bad habits into good ones. This is done by achieving a state of hypnosis that lets you bypass your usual decision-making processes and follow suggestions without question. 

In this way, you can remove negative thoughts and replace them with helpful ones – controlling urges that you may not even be aware of.

75% of people will benefit from hypnosis

Many studies have been carried out on hypnosis in recent years and the results for issues such as sleep disorders, overeating, smoking, substance abuse and depression have been impressive – to the extent that many healthcare providers now offer hypnosis as part of their overall strategies for patient care.

A meta-analysis carried out in 2018 looked into 17 trials that detailed how effective hypnotherapy is for anxiety disorders. They discovered that 79% of people receiving hypnosis experienced reduced anxiety and of those, 84% saw long term effects.  Full report

In the workplace, hypnotherapy has a special place amongst the many wellbeing initiatives you can offer your employees.

What can Hypnotherapy help with?




Employee attraction & retention


Hypnotherapy can be used to combat the causes of serious ill health including overeating, addiction to alcohol or drugs, smoking, insomnia and a lack of exercise.

Hypnotherapy is incredibly useful in helping your employees with a range of mental health issues including depression, anxiety and stress – leading to improved health outcomes from lowered blood pressure.

When your staff feel happier with their wellbeing and physical health they will take fewer sick days and will be able to be more productive in the workplace. Happier employees mean an improved bottom line.

Workplaces that show they care about the wellbeing of their staff are good places to work. By offering a range of complementary therapies you are providing incentives that set you apart from other places of work. This will both attract and retain staff, reducing your hiring time and costs.

Employees who lack confidence or motivation in their roles, or who struggle with interpersonal relationships may benefit from hypnosis designed to build their confidence and build better ways of communicating – resulting in improved workplace relationships and management styles.

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Why hypnotherapy will improve your workplace

Poor mental health in the workplace costs the UK £45bn annually

Up to £14 return on every £1 invested in your employees’ mental health (Deloittes 2020)

What types of Hypnotherapy are offered?

  • Stop smoking hypnotherapy
  • Stop vaping hypnotherapy
  • Agoraphobia hypnotherapy
  • Coping with isolation and loneliness
  • Overcoming fear and anxiety hypnotherapy
  • Anger management hypnotherapy
  • Bereavement and loss hypnotherapy
  • Body confidence hypnotherapy
  • Confidence boosting hypnotherapy
  • Depression hypnotherapy
  • Financial debt hypnotherapy
  • Parenting stress hypnotherapy
  • Relationship survival hypnotherapy
  • Road rage hypnotherapy
  • Stress management hypnotherapy
  • Alcohol dependency hypnotherapy
  • Energy drink addiction hypnotherapy
  • Sugar addiction hypnotherapy
  • Chocolate addiction hypnotherapy
  • Drug addiction hypnotherapy
  • Spending addiction hypnotherapy
  • Health anxiety hypnotherapy
  • Weight loss and control hypnotherapy
  • Sleep improvement hypnotherapy

A recent study by Deloittes (add link) found that workplace stress is a huge contributor to depression and anxiety and that many workers fear revealing the extent of their mental health issues due to the stigma that still surrounds these common problems. 

This has led to a culture of presenteeism where workers turn up for work and stay longer even when they feel unwell or are approaching burnout. The results on productivity and lost days are clear to see with absences costing £7bn every year.

  • 1 in 4 workers say they fear negative consequences if they reveal mental health issues
  • Just 9% of employers have had any training that focused on mental health
  • One of the major reasons for mental health issues in young people were financial and debt worries.

A further Mind Workplace Wellbeing Study showed that 81% of workers say they come into the office even when they believe they need time off due to their mental health.

Your place or mine?

In addition to your online resources, we also give our clients the option of fixed price Hypnotherapy days where one of our fully qualified hypnotherapists will visit your premises and pre-book your staff in for one-on-one sessions should they choose.

We also offer dedicated session for “sales teams” which can have outstanding results on productivity and performance.

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*Over 40 hours of unique audio sessions regularly updated and growing with new content at no extra charge.

** Staff with specific hypnotherapy needs are available on request.