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Every step you take, we are right there with you

With Active, included in the Wellness package as standard from More To Me, you and your team can stay both physically and mentally fit.

Whether you can get to a gym or not, your team can enjoy weekly workouts and challenges, as well as product discounts and nutrition tips, all delivered by our in-house Personal Trainers and diet and nutrition gurus.

We’re here with you, whatever your journey.

Coaching always with you

More To Me Active is fully integrated with Apple Health, Fitbit + Google Fit. Gain deeper insight into your health data, from Active Calories to Lean Body Mass. 

Weekly workout plans

Track and log workouts at home or the gym

Knowing where to start any workout can be daunting, especially if you are new to exercise. 

With More To Me Active, our in-house Personal Trainers deliver easy to follow weekly workouts for you and your team. Access your workouts, anytime, anywhere online or on our app.

What’s that move?

With a vast exercise database, all with HD videos, be safe in the knowledge that if you aren’t sure how to do a squat correctly, one of the 7,500+ HD Exercises videos will be there to guide you.

Nutrition and calorie logging

Diet and nutrition is a massive part of changing the shape of your body and with dietary issues and allergies, changes to diet can be unnerving.

Bespoke calorie
target plan

Height, age, weight & daily movement is all part of how many calories you should be consuming. With the More To Me Active calculator, you team can start their weight loss journey.


What’s a Marco, well, in short, it’s the split between Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats. When you know what you should be consuming, keeping on target will help you to lose weight.

Weekly e-newsletter with top diet and nutrition news & tips

Wait, eggs are good now? Yup! Eggs are full of goodness! With our weekly e-newsletter, we deliver top tips on small changes you can make to your diet as well as nutritional tips.

Live chat help

As you would expect from More To Me Activeour in-house PTs and diet and nutrition gurus are on hand if you need help. 

Not sure if you are eating the right food?
Feeling fatigued or tired?

We’re here to help to get you back in shape.

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