Staying sane while working from home

The pandemic has changed the ways and sites of work for most people. Many of us have shifted from traditional workplaces to remote working to slow down the spread of novel coronavirus. With most of us being forced to stay at home and work, there are a number of challenges that are posed by remote working on a daily basis.

One of such challenges is to retain the motivation to work and to take care of mental health while working at home. Let us make it easy for you! We have curated a simple guide with easy to follow tips on making the most of your remote working lifestyle.


1.   Make a plan

Before anything else, it is important to make a plan. Without any external reminders like plans and schedules, it is easy to drift away from your goals while working at home. Draft a plan keeping your goals in mind and stick to it to get things done effectively.

One of the best things about working from home is that you can schedule work according to your preferences. You can always schedule your work in the mornings and save the boring tasks for the first half of the day, if you are a morning person. .

On the contrary, if you are sure of not being able to focus on anything until 11am, set your schedule so that the loss in the daytime is covered by spending time in the night.


2.   Start your day the right way.

When you work outside your house, a lot of factors contribute to the transition from the bed to the workplace – eating breakfast, bath, getting ready and commuting. Thus, by the time you come to work, your brain is already prepared and has a good start to the day.

On the other hand, when you work from home, it is certainly possible to start working while still in bed but we do not recommend it. There is a reason why most employees are suggested to dress up like they are going to work and sit in the living room to work.

Maintain a routine and resist the urge to neglect the schedule of a regular workday. Add new things and tasks to your day as time passes by, but do not get too ambitious with them as it only forces you to skip them if you do not find the time.

We recommend you wake up, eat breakfast, get dressed every day at a set time so that you do not lose track of your day.


3.   Have a dedicated working space

Never work sitting on your couch or lying on your bed. It is absolutely unproductive and it is best to look for places that are:

  1. Reasonably quiet: A place with loud noise from the traffic or construction work nearby can deter your focus.
  2. Convenient: Choose a place that is convenient enough to place all the things required for work beside you.
  3. Ergonomic: While you can definitely get the job done from a dining table or while curled up on the couch, it is best in the long term if you build a dedicated workspace at your house. See that you have adequate back support, a proper monitor and a good keyboard.


4. Use tools that will help you get back your focus

Yes, you heard that right. Although you have a lot of work, it is easy to get distracted. To stay away from getting distracted, you can use tools that will help you stay on track.

Here are some of them:

  1. Time tracking applications- By using this app, you can understand where your time goes and if you have been thinking that you are not getting work done, a time tracking app can help you figure out the reason.
  2. Site blocking applications – Social media and distractions can be effectively blocked in the day to ensure that you are productive.
  3. Put your phone in a drawer away from you.

Closing thoughts

Working from home is not difficult. It only calls for efficient planning on your part. Plan and ensure that you take care of your goals and mental health while working from home. Happy working!